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Specialization - Lighting & Shading:- Texturing and Lighting are usually two separate departments in a big animation production studio. However it is of paramount importance for a student to understand the tangibility between these two departments for correct textured assets to flow seamlessly within a production pipeline. At Animation and Art School #Kalapurnam Institute the course has been designed to teach students both the specializations. This gives an added benefit to students as they will have the expertise in both the field.
Specialization (VFX, Anim
Specialization (VFX, Animation, Modeling and Texturing & Lighting and Shading):- KALAPURNAM offers Modular programs for students & professionals who wish to upgrade their skills in specific areas of #Animation & #Visual Effects. People can pick one or more software of their choice & complete the course in a very short period of time. The duration of the course is as per the software.
Programme 3D Animation– 3
Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master):- Programme 3D Animation– 3DS Max (Max Master) at KALAPURNAM is a 6 month certificate programme. It mainly focuses on the software 3dsmax. It trains the students in Modeling, Shading, Lighting, and Particle Dynamics & Animation using 3dsmax™. This course is designed for those who wish to pursue a career in this field.
Another face of Fashion D
Another face of Fashion Design Style is the simple way of saying complicated Thing. This is the complete sentence to describe Fashion. We are here to say you Fashion design is both practical and theatrical subject also related to IT. Because without software how can you know about color combination, light and dark shade, length, perfection. So this is Digital part.
Compositing & editing Pro:- A #cinematographer needs to be good at camera movement, shot #composition, manipulation of color, light and shade in order to deliver any film’s high quality photographic signature. We help our students in acquiring basic #photographic, video graphic skills and teach them various other techniques through which they can cultivate the art of using different kinds of cameras, lenses, filters and other equipments.
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