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Only a month remaining fo
Only a month remaining for Board Examination. As compare to student parents are most tense that, what are the mental situation of their kids, they are prepare for Exam or not. They pray to God and make a wish that without any hurdle their children attempt the Exam. Parents even give attention that which food their children eaten. They avoid market food and give home cooked food which is hygienic so no possibility of any kind of decease. Mom prepares their child favorite dish to make them happy. Even many students have fear of Exam so parents try to make them #happy and create light #Atmosphere at home. At this situation there a question arise in my mind that Exams are given by Parents or by their Children. Because the children are like free of bird in the sky. Like a bird there is huge place for them to fly their wings same are students at a time of Examination. But parents also think that what happened after the complication of examination? What my child do? They think that my child is walk with world waking. His track is on the way. So dear parents we know your situation and KALAPURNAM is with you. Here we have short term ( Certified ) and long term career oriented courses viz Graphic Design, Web Design, #Interior Design, Fashion Design, Photography, Videography, Animation and Visual Effect, Fine Arts, Album making, Digital Film making, Multimedia, etc. So parents don’t worry about your diamond, we ruff it, polish it and finally make it at that level that it shine like bright star. So visit our HO at Ahmedabad, and braches at Vallabh Vidhyanagar ( #Anand ), Ajmer ( Rajasthan ).
Two sides of coin  Art an
Two sides of coin Art and skill After reading this heading we thought Art and skill is almost same meaning but if you go in deeper there is huge difference between them. Art means define yourself , what you thought , what's your inner creativity, what you want to tell the world through emotion is called Art. And how you implement your art is defined as Skill. Skill is become bridge between what you want to tell people through Art and true people who has value of this Art. We take lunch and dinner as per timing, but anytime you think on that matter that why we like restaurant food as compare to home food. Even as compare to outside our home food is testy and hygienic. but our Mother has Art how to cook food delicious with emotion but on other side chief in restaurant has know how to present the food so in look wise it delicious so its skill. We heart that Art is God gift. No doubt it is God gift but in our Kalapurnam institute if you don't have this God gift so don't worry we are here to establish this Art and skill to you. " Use your brain as you can so it's become much more sharpen". So here we make your brain that much Sharpe that you not need to Sharpe it in field of creativity. For Kalapurnam institute it is very easy to Sharpe your creativity and Art through skill like to make morning cup of tea.!!!
Digital Media Marketing C
Digital Media Marketing Course In Ahmedabad SEO & Digital marketing course will introduce student the Digital marketing tactics and help them to gain detailed knowledge about how to plan, implement & measure a digital marketing strategy. In this course they will learn about SEO Terms and SEO Practices like On Page Optimization, Off page Optimization, SEO Keywords, Meta tags and Robots, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing etc., and they will get to know that how these things done.
SEO & Digital marketing c
SEO & Digital marketing course will introduce student the marketing strategies and help them to gain detailed knowledge about how to plan, implement and measure a #digital marketing strategy. Designing and developing a website to rank well in search engine results. Marketing by understanding how search #algorithms work, and what human visitors might search. Improving the volume and quality of traffic to a #website from search engines.
DIGITAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING As we know the digital world is the vast area to promote any thing to sell & aware about it. This can be done by social media marketing. A digital marketing professional, or specialist, is often responsible for developing the strategy used in marketing a company's product online, utilizing such techniques in the field as social media, Web analytics, e-mail marketing and search engine optimization, among others. Our Proffessionals are here for provide an ulitmate training to make yourself perfect in social marketing. For More Information: http://kivaindia.com http://www.kalapurnaminstitute.com Call Us: +91-9824222888, +91-9824801838, +91-9824801188 , +91-7940047838
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