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I have had completed my engineering in power electronics and have served the engineering industry for 17 years. But during the last phase of these engineering field, I was always starving and feeling uncomfortable. I always had a thought how can I work for the betterment of the society? Have I done something that would prepare an easy way for students in their career? And the answer was NO! After checking out all the direction I took a decision to start providing career skills for the students which can create an easy employment call due to their skills in the industries, so I planned accordingly. And I am proud to say KIVA is the result which was started in 2006 and it is always for the students. I at KIVA am ready to help the students in as much way as possible. Real purposes of my life were these 27 years.

I have a hunger to work for welfare of the society to the maximum level I can.


Sanjay Shah


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